SEMINAR: Re(En)Visioning Space Exploration: From the Moon Landing to Further Afield

19 Jul 2019 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Bayes Centre Seminar Room (G.03), 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT

SEMINAR: Re(En)Visioning Space Exploration: From the Moon Landing to Further Afield

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon. Since our fascination with sending people into space has not stopped and we are now contemplating sending people to Mars. But as we are doing so, looking back at the political, technological and social achievements and mistakes made during this enterprise can help us make our future explorations to Mars an even bigger success for all humanity.

The talks contained in this seminar will examine the representations of the Moon in the literary imagination to help us unpack our fascination with the Moon. The talks will also explain the technology and the science which have allowed mankind to land on the Moon and to return safely home, the history and politics of the space race which have allowed man to take off into space, and the legal framework that has caused international division but could unite us in our space exploration. The talks will also reflect on how Scotland could provide a model for this more inclusive exploration.


Dr Simon Malpas – Lecturer in English Literature, The University of Edinburgh

Dr Saskia Vermeylen – Lecturer in Law, The University of Strathclyde

Dr Fraser MacDonald – Lecturer in Historical Geography, The University of Edinburgh

Dr Alastair Bruce – Researcher in Astronomy, The Royal Observatory of Edinburgh

Followed by Q&A and informal drinks reception and opening of mini-exhibition.


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