FRINGE EVENT: Space Exploration – Should We Fund our NHS Instead!?

17 Aug 2019 7.20am – 8.20pm

The Banshee Labyrinth, 29-35 Niddry St, Edinburgh EH1 1LG, UK

FRINGE EVENT: Space Exploration – Should We Fund our NHS Instead!?

“Space Exploration Must be Waste of Money – Should We Fund our NHS Instead!?”

Big money is going into Space Exploration and Industry, which inevitably leads to big questions on whether is it really worth it. As excitement for the “final frontier” grows again and a new (commercial) Space Race brewing, various countries are making contradictory claims on anything from asteroid mining for precious metals to building a “space force”. Are you starting to ask yourself: what are they really doing up there? Should we go back to the Moon? Moreover, Scotland now wants to be part of it all, too, but how much will it cost to build a spaceport in Sutherland? Do we need to build new roads first? To cut through these confusing propositions, Matjaz Vidmar will take us on a short guided tour of what it is all about and lead on a discussion on whether we should do more “Space” or would it be better to fund the NHS instead?


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Venue is strictly over-18 and access is via a narrow staircase.

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